Chic Knits Ariann : FAQ

 Gauge: 19 sts / 24 rows over 4" St st using Worsted Weight Yarn

Here's some Handy Q&A for this project -

First of all: what size should I make?

The Ariann garment specs are given as Finished Measurements, both on the front page and the schematic. These numbers reflect the actual blocked circumference dimension of the body piece.

For your size pick, we recommend you measure the circumference of your favorite button-front cardigan sweater and pick the Ariann pattern size closest to that measurement. You want at least 2" of ease - which means if your chest measures 36, you would pick the size 38 to make - your chest size + 2. You should go up rather than down a size if your measurement is in the middle of the two choices.

Be sure to measure the width of your sweater early on in the knitting to check that you're getting the size you need. I like to measure after the ribbing is done, then at the waist level, and at the bodice level before joining.

Here's a picture of a back measurement:

Second: what yarn should I use?

Here's a list for you:

Ariann uses Worsted Weight yarn that knits to a gauge of 19 sts/ 24 rows per 4" St st using #7 needles (or needle size you require to get this gauge). A swatch knit with your chosen yarn will tell you if you need to go up or down a needle size.

Gauge is really important with this sweater because it is knit in one piece and has raglan sleeves.

To be sure, wash your swatch, let dry and measure.

I also made a WPI stick for yarns that you can see here:

These were all yarns that have a WPI of 11.

Please email me with any and all suggestions for yarns for this design - I'd love to hear from you :)

Third: how should I block this sweater?

Blocking is essential to the look and fit of this sweater. Because this is knit in one piece, you have a finished garment almost when you cast off the last stitch, creating a little bit of a challenge with blocking, if you're used to finishing sweaters knit in pieces.

Blocking brings out the beauty of the eyelet pattern and finishes the piece to the proper fit. This is a simple lace pattern and usually, lace is not ready to wear right off the needle. But if you show it a little love, you will have big beauty!

We recommend a wet block (if your fiber can be washed). Soak the garment in the appropriate temperature water for the fiber you used for 15-30 minutes, rinse and remove excess water. Shape to the schematic specs on a blocking surface of your choosing.

Optional: after the sweater is dry, for a super duper, extra polished finish, steam iron the garment like you would a jacket.

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